Outdoor Recreation

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Our commitment to conserving open spaces ensures that future generations can experience the beauty of Western Colorado. We work tirelessly to protect lands that provide accessible recreational opportunities, from hiking and biking trails to scenic overlooks and wildlife viewing areas. By preserving these natural spaces, we foster a connection to nature for all community members.

Mounment Trail

We are dedicated to enhancing trail connectivity and outdoor access. The paved Monument Trail, built by the city of Grand Junction in 2019, links the Colorado Riverfront Trail to the Lunch Loop trail system and attracts a diverse array of users, including bicyclists, skateboarders, pedestrians, and parents with strollers. CWLT is now excited to announce a new 1.5-mile trail set for completion soon, which will connect the Lunch Loops and Jurassic Flats trailheads. This 10-foot-wide trail will complete the 10-mile Redlands Loop, allowing bikers to traverse from the Riverfront Trail to the Audubon Trail without riding on the road. Reflecting CWLT’s decade-long commitment, this project includes strategic land acquisitions and securing essential rights of way. With generous support from GOCO, local donors, and city leadership, this scenic trail will provide direct access for Redlands residents and alleviate parking congestion at the Lunch Loops, underscoring CWLT’s mission to preserve and improve our region’s natural resources and recreational spaces..

Preserving Redlands Trails and Open Space

CWLT conseved over 27 acres of land in the Redlands, securing valuable land and ensuring continued public access to trails in an area slated for 1,000 new homes. We extend a heartfelt thank you to the generous Hoskin family, who have graciously allowed public access to their property for over five decades. Their well-established trail system, meandering through the scenic desert landscape, has provided a haven for walkers, cyclists, and dog owners, connecting adjacent communities and enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities. With a conservation easement now in place, the Hoskins have guaranteed the long-term protection of this land and its trails, enriching our community’s quality of life for generations to come.

G50 Boat Ramp: Enhancing River Access

The G50 Boat Ramp, a vital addition to our local outdoor recreation amenities, provides enhanced access to the Colorado River for kayakers, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This project improves the safety and convenience of river access, supporting both recreational use and the local economy. The ramp’s strategic location allows users to easily embark on river adventures, promoting water-based activities and offering a new gateway to explore the stunning natural beauty of our region.

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