We are committed to safeguarding the natural habitats that support the rich biodiversity of Western Colorado. Our efforts focus on conserving critical wildlife corridors, protecting vital water sources, and restoring native ecosystems. Through partnerships with landowners and local communities, we strive to create a sustainable environment where wildlife can thrive. Our work ensures that future generations can enjoy the beauty and diversity of our region.

Preserving Wildlife Haven: The Lazo Family's Legacy

We collaborated with the Lazo family to conserve 146 acres of vibrant wildlife habitat in Delta County’s Fruitland Mesa area. Situated amidst panoramic vistas that include the Smith Fork of the Gunnison River’s canyon, the Red Canyon, and the majestic West Elk Mountains, this parcel of land is a haven for diverse wildlife. From pinyon-juniper woodlands to expansive meadows, the landscape supports a thriving ecosystem where wildlife flourishes undisturbed. This conservation effort, inspired by Christopher Reid Lazo’s dying wish to protect the land he cherished, ensures that species like prairie dogs, songbirds, wild turkeys, golden eagles, and more have a protected sanctuary to call home. CWLT applauds the Lazo family for their dedication to preserving this vital wildlife habitat, ensuring its sustainability for generations to come.

Protecting Wildlife and Heritage in Montrose County

We worked with the Cotten family to conserve vital wildlife habitats in Montrose County. The Cotten family’s decision to protect 310 acres near Crawford, including Gould Reservoir, honors their deep historical ties to the land, dating back to the construction of the reservoir dam by Larry Cotten’s ancestors over a century ago. This conservation effort not only safeguards diverse ecosystems of woodlands, sagebrush shrublands, and wetlands but also adds to a connected network of protected habitats crucial for wildlife movement and survival. This contributes to preserving scenic landscapes, rare plants, and crucial winter habitat for deer and elk, reinforcing the region’s natural beauty and ecological resilience.

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