Become a Member and Make a Lasting Impact!

At Colorado West Land Trust, our mission is to protect and preserve the natural beauty and rich heritage of Western Colorado. With your generous donation, you can join us in safeguarding the land we love for future generations. As a donor, you automatically become a valued member of our community, supporting our vital conservation efforts. Here’s how your contribution can make a difference:

Local Agriculture & Food

Protect Agricultural Lands and Support Local Food Systems

By donating, you play a crucial role in preserving our region’s agricultural lands. These lands sustain local food systems, ensuring that farming and ranching traditions thrive for years to come. Your support helps keep our communities connected to the land and fosters sustainable practices.

Photo by Robb Reece

Wildlife Habitat & Scenic Views

Preserve Critical Wildlife Habitat and Iconic Colorado Scenic Views

Our protected lands provide vital habitats for wildlife and safeguard breathtaking scenic views that define the Colorado landscape. Your donation directly contributes to safeguarding these habitats, allowing wildlife to flourish and protecting the natural beauty that inspires us all.

Photo by Carol Lazo

Land Stewardship

Ensure the Health and Stewardship of 131,000 Acres of Protected Land

With your help, we can maintain and safeguard over 131,000 acres of protected land. This ensures that these areas remain undeveloped and well-maintained, providing a sanctuary for plants, animals, and the diverse ecosystems that call our region home.

Restoration & Resiliency

Fund Restoration and Resiliency Projects for Sustainable Land and Watersheds

Your contribution supports essential restoration and resiliency projects. We believe in the long-term sustainability of our lands and healthy watersheds. By funding these initiatives, you help us prevent wildfires, improve land and wetlands, and maintain the ecological balance of our precious lands.

Photo by Jeff Stoddart

Outdoor Recreation

Protect Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation and Our Connection with the Land

Our protected lands offer incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation, fostering a deep connection with nature. By donating, you help maintain access to hiking trails, biking trails, and other recreational activities that allow us to appreciate and cherish the natural wonders of Western Colorado.

Photo by Robb Reece


Protect Western Watersheds and Secure Water Availability

Your donations are crucial in safeguarding vital Western watersheds, ensuring the availability of clean, reliable water for communities, agriculture, and ecosystems. By supporting watershed restoration and conservation efforts, your contributions help protect these precious resources.

Land for the Future

Fund Conservation Projects to Protect More Land for Future Generations

Conservation is more important than ever, and we must act now to protect the land we love for future generations. Your donation contributes to funding future conservation projects, expanding our impact, and preserving additional lands for the benefit of all.

Photo by Robb Reece