What's in a Name?

Colorado West Land Trust protects and conserves agricultural land, along with its rural heritage, wildlife habitat, recreational areas and scenic lands in western Colorado. With over 133,500 acres conserved in 6 counties (Delta, Gunnison, Mesa, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel), Colorado West Land Trust seeks to meet both local and regional conservation needs.

As a private, non-profit organization accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission, our mission is to protect and enhance agricultural land, wildlife habitat and scenic lands in western Colorado to benefit the community at large, enrich lives, provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, and ensure our connection to land for generations to come.

Colorado West Land Trust pursues its mission through land protection, stewardship, outreach and education programs. Through these channels, the organization serves the farming and ranching community, preserves wildlife and riparian habitat, expands land and trails for recreationists, protects views and open space, and helps ensure the availability of locally-sourced food.


Hear from our founders:

Executive Director Rob Bleiberg sat down with a few of our founders, Bonnie and Harry Talbott and John and Doris Butler, to discuss how the Land Trust got its start and the challenges they faced. Watch the video below to learn about the beginning of the Land Trust.