Enhancing Access and Experiences along the Gunnison River

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This week, the Colorado West Land Trust, Delta County, and the Western Slope Conservation Center led a group to tour the site of a new project they are partnering on to provide a new boat ramp, supporting infrastructure, shoreline access, and a wildlife habitat area on a conserved property along the Gunnison River.

These three groups recognized the potential beneath the vacant, unmaintained parcel of land that haphazardly served as grazing ground for escaped cattle. The property is owned by Delta County and is protected under a conservation easement with Colorado West Land Trust. Through collaboration, the groups will work to restore the area’s natural riparian habitat and enhance recreational access to the river. This in turn will aid in their collective visions to connect youth and adults to the Gunnison River through recreation and stewardship. 

The new boat ramp location is ideally located, just four miles downriver from Delta’s Confluence Park boat ramp, allowing individuals to participate in easily accessible town floats with calm waters. Currently, if river users access the Gunnison River through Confluence Park the next take-out is 14 miles downstream, limiting the stretch to more experienced users with access to equipment. The boat ramp at G50 will allow the river to be experienced by people of all different ages and backgrounds. In addition a habitat improvement plan will be implemented on the property giving opportunities to engage local youth and adults in educational and volunteer programs to provide hands-on learning about wildlife habitat.

The G50 Boat Ramp project provides a critical chance to connect people of all ages and backgrounds more deeply to the outdoors, promoting a balance between recreation, stewardship, and conservation.

Click here to view a map of the project.