Fields in Mack preserved to protect wildlife, water

KKCO, March 1, 2023 – The Colorado West Land Trust has added just over 300 acres of land in Mack to the tens of thousands it already protects in Mesa County.

Landowner Jim McCurter says the wildlife habitat and water rights are worth conserving for future generations.

Conservation easements, or land agreements, are set up and monitored by non-profits like Colorado West Land Trust, and specifically state no subdividing or development of certain land can ever be done once the land trust and the land owner enter into the agreement.

Besides the land, these conservation measures also keep water rights in Colorado. Ilana Moir, Director of Conservation with the Colorado West Land Trust, says the water rights that come with the land stay with it as part of the agreement.

The land trust protects over 120,000 acres across six counties in Colorado. Find more info about the Colorado West Land Trust here.

By Joshua Vorse

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