Glade Park Initiative

The Glade Park Initiative is a long-term working partnership between Mesa Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), an international conservation organization.  The Glade Park area, located about twenty miles southwest of Grand Junction, has been identified by both organizations as a biologically significant priority area.  The two organizations have agreed to combine resources in an organized effort to work closely together towards the realization of a shared vision for permanent protection of the natural and working landscape attributes that exist there.  The effort also focuses on ancillary lands including the Dolores River, Unaweep Canyon and the Colorado River corridors.

Glade Park plays host to unique sets of wildlife and plant communities, including the Gunnison Sage Grouse.  The area also supports a considerable number of long-established livestock ranching enterprises.  The Glade Park Initiative advances a variety of conservation tools, including but not limited to the application of conservation easements to permanently protect these natural and agricultural characteristics that are unique and irreplaceable and such a short distance from western Colorado’s largest urban center.

For more information about the Glade Park Initiative please contact Ilana Moir