March Designated ‘Write a Will Month’ in Mesa County

Write a Will Month Press Release

“Did anyone check under the mattress?”

When “someday” comes, how will your family know who gets all of your valuable stuff?   Learn more from the experts as part of the first annual Mesa County “Write a Will Month” in March, when two free 90-minute workshops are scheduled at the Mesa County Public Library Community Room, Downtown Grand Junction:

Tuesday,  March 14, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and Wednesday, March 29, 5:30- 7 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                 

“The purpose of Write a Will Month is to remind people that a personal plan for ‘someday’ is a really important thing,” says Mary Hughes of the Mesa County Fundraisers’ Network, which is providing for all Write a Will Month events.  “These workshops will help people to understand how their wishes and plans can be committed to legal document without a great deal of hassle or money.  And, of course, we hope people will think about their favorite nonprofit organizations and charitable projects – even their own personal legacy – as they make their end-of-life plans.  Ultimately, this is the opportunity for people to pause and think about a very important subject which rarely gets the attention it deserves.”

Write a Will The training events are open to the public and will feature presentations by Attorney Gregg Kampf of Hoskin, Farina and Kampf, and Marsha Harbert of Two Rivers Trust Company.  Speakers will address “the basics” of wills and estate planning:

  • Who needs a will?
  • How do I avoid the government getting all of my money?
  • How do I make sure my children, my pets, my favorite possessions and other concerns are taken care of when I die?
  • How difficult, and expensive, is this process?
  • Are there any advantages to giving money to my favorite charity when I pass away?

The workshops are designed to help people avoid problems, and better assure that their personal values are reflected in their end-of-life plans.  There will be time for participants to talk briefly one-on-one with experts.  No “sales pitch” is involved with the presentations; refreshments will be served.

Write a Will Month sponsors include Hoskin, Farina and Kampf, Two Rivers Trust Company and Mesa County Libraries, as well as members of the Mesa County Fundraisers Network:  Colorado Canyons Association, Counseling and Education Center, HopeWest, The House, Marillac Clinic, Mesa Land Trust, Rocky Mountain PBS, Roice Hurst Humane Society, Tamarisk Coalition, Third Sector Innovations and Western Colorado Community Foundation.

For more information, call 970-640-5350 (Jacquie) or 970-623-2350 (Mary) , or sign up for the March 14 or 29 workshop at