Purchase Palisade Peaches from Preserved Property

We’ve had folks ask where they could buy peaches that are locally grown on land conserved by Mesa Land Trust. In response we’ve put together a list of places where you can purchase Palisade peaches grown and other produce that are grown here in the Grand Valley on preserved property. If you know of others, please call us 263.5443 or email mary@mesalandtrust.org 

C & R Farms                           Peaches available at their packing shed 3620 F Road

Talbott Farms                          Peaches available at their fruit stand 3800 F ¼ Road

The Peach Fork                      Peaches available at their fruit stand 281, 33 Road

Horn Orchard                          Palisade Farm’s Market

Palisade Produce                   Truck at Rite Aid Pharmacy, 1st and Grand, Downtown G.J.

The Peach Shack                  G 7/10 Road

Anita’s Pantry & Produce      2 locations, 265 32 ¼ Road and 3819 G Road