Remembering Doris Butler

We are sad to share that a founder of the Land Trust, Doris Butler, passed away on September 20, 2021 at the age of 90.

Doris’s loss is felt by all who were fortunate to know her. Along with her husband John, Harry and Bonnie Talbott, and a few others, Doris helped form Mesa County Land Conservancy in 1980.

Last August, we recorded a conversation between Doris, John, Harry, Bonnie, and Rob Bleiberg as part of an oral history project. Near the end of the conversation, Harry stated: “We owe a lot to Doris. A lot. Had it not been for her, we probably wouldn’t have the Land Trust.” Everyone in attendance agreed wholeheartedly. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Doris volunteered her time as the organization’s bookkeeper to ensure that it could accept conservation easements, a period when few understood the process of private land conservation.

Below is an unedited hour and 18 minute long recording of our conversation with Doris, John, Harry, Bonnie, and Rob last year—we hope it brings back good memories of her during this difficult time.

In order of entrance: Bonnie Talbott, Rob Bleiberg, Harry Talbott, Doris Butler, John Butler.