52 Acres of Vineyard and Views Protected

Mesa Land Trust is pleased to announce the conservation of the 52-acre Christianson Vineyard near Palisade. This spectacular property, bordered by Interstate 70 to the north and the Colorado River to the south, is the largest contiguous vineyard in the area. Conservation of the this wonderful agricultural land helps assure that the breathtaking views as you enter the Grand Valley from the east will remain in agriculture and natural habitat. Thanks to the Daily Sentinel for the great article!

From Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Vineyard protected by land trust


Jay Christianson with Canyon Wind Cellars of Palisade secured a conservation easement through Mesa Land Trust for the family’s 52-acre vineyard property in the Grand Valley, ensuring that the parcel will forever remain agricultural in nature.

A recent agreement to conserve the 52-acre Christianson Vineyard through the Mesa Land Trust means the acreage will forever remain agricultural in nature and won’t be further subdivided.

The Christianson family has worked for the past 25 years owning and operating the vineyards, which produce wine for Canyon Wind Cellars.

Having the conservation easement in place made it easier to pass the whole operation along to a new owner, Jay Christianson said.

The property is bordered by Interstate 70 to the north, by the Colorado River to the south and it is bisected by the Fruit and Wine Byway. The 52-acre parcel is the largest contiguous vineyard in the area, Christianson said.

Securing the parcel for a conservation easement “hits all our targets,” said Ilana Moir, director of conservation for the Mesa Land Trust. “It has farmland, water rights, fish habitat (near the Colorado River) and beautiful views. It’s one of those properties that sets the tone for your experience (in the Grand Valley). It creates productive, green agriculture spaces and it’s beautiful.”

The Mesa Land Trust raised more than $857,000 to purchase the property.

Great Outdoors Colorado contributed $393,323 and incentives from the Farm Bill added $449,120.

The landowners donated more than $356,000 in property value, and the Gates Family Foundation provided a $15,000 challenge grant.

To date, Mesa Land Trust has conserved more than 48 family farms and more than 820 acres of prime fruit-growing land in the Palisade area.

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